‘The Shape of Expression’

Sabine Street Studios
1907 Sabine Street
October 6 - January 12, 2019

Shape is one of the major design elements manipulated by artists to express themselves in paint, fiber, sculpture, film, wearable art, jewelry and in all media.  Whether biomorphic or geometric, shape creates the means for a visual artist to express their inner thoughts.


Nos Caves Vin
2501 Wroxton
October 20 -February, 2019
By appointment only

“Deconstructing what we have learned and what is imposed on us, Brian Latham and Karen Navarro take us to another, deeper level: of openness, fluidity, and ambiguity. Their work allows us to leave behind fixed ideas of identity, instead offering a new manifestation of the female form. Latham painstakingly dissects the color theories of luxury brand advertising, thereby re-interpreting the standard glossy images of elegant females to their barest essentials of color and form.” Contact Brian Latham to make arrangements for viewing.